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What? Tell me more

I have two projects I’m currently working on, let’s talk about them.

As many of you know, I’m a blogger and an aspiring fiction writer. I love to write fiction because I am in love with fictional characters and worlds. It’s mostly what I read, and I don’t deny it – I love the escape, worlds that people create, and characters that come alive. I put stories about my life in my fiction so I guess you can say that it is personal. I didn’t often see stories with characters like me when I was growing up. I can bring my experiences and ideas to stories so that more readers understand and relate to characters that are more diverse.

Justin in wheelchair in front of poster about stories
Me in front of a poster of quote from John Green “I think that stories, and each other, are the most valuable things that we have.” – NerdCon, 2015

I can’t get into the details of my current fiction project because it is in the outline stage, but I am working on the first draft of my blog book. What? A blog book? Tell me more! So, some people have given me the idea that I could turn my blog into a book. Over the past 4 years of my blog, I’ve written 48,598 words or about 194 double-spaced pages.

This blog book is probably the most personal I am going to get as far as writing goes. This blog is my life over the past 7 years – a lot has and hasn’t happened over those years. I hope to finish the first draft by July or August and I want to get beta readers fast. I realize that this is an ambitious plan. But, what else to do during polar vortex and Covid? I have pretty much been sheltering in place for almost a year and it still looks like months before I’ll be eligible for a vaccine. Until then, staying safe at home, writing, listening to music, watching late-night comedians, and missing people.

Subscribe and share my blog with others. Please, feel free to add a comment to my post and let me know you’re out there, why you like my blog or ideas for what to write about next. Stay strong & stay safe!

Justin looking at word document that says "the end" on computer monitor

4 thoughts on “What? Tell me more”

  1. Sounds great Justin.
    I love your blog as it gives me insight into so many things. It also gives me ideas to help my daughter Jasmin in life. You ARE an inspiration.


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