Show Up and Dance with Me!

Show Up

Woman hugging Justin, both wearing Walz Flanagan stickers

It was an exciting day yesterday. I was a delegate to my Senate District’s Organizing Convention. I believe it’s so important for young people and people with disabilities to SHOW UP and get involved in the political process. You can have a voice in the nominating process and resolutions that help build the political parties. I don’t care what political party you are supporting, SHOW UP!

And Dance

Also, thanks to the staff at Palace Theater last night. It’s always nerve wracking to go to new places and not know what the accessibility will be like – especially for things like concerts or places with crowds.The ADA general admission seating area was awesome. And the staff was great at helping me navigate paths through the crowds. And the bathrooms set aside for ADA were amazing! They were huge and no lines! My favorite song was Shut Up and Dance and my mom’s was One Foot. Thanks to random acts of kindness and the nice young women who helped push my stuck wheelchair out of the snowbank on our way back to the parking ramp. 6″ of snow makes sidewalks and roadways a mess!

Justin with woman and man all smiling

Started off the day being political and ended up dancing! It was an AWESOME day!

With Me

Next up with me:

Speaking engagement coming up – I will be the keynote speaker and also have a couple of sessions at the Charting the C’s Conference in April. My keynote speech is about Re-imagining the Possibilities: A Work in Progress and the importance of inclusion and accessibility. Excited to be invited to speak to educators and therapists working in schools! Find out more about Charting the C’s in the conference brochure.

Don’t forget to be awesome,


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