Justin with I voted sticker on next to Vote Here sign and US Flag

Midterms Part 1: People with Disabilities Vote!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about voting in two weeks. I know a lot of people like early voting which is super convenient and easy, but I like going to the polls. It is so cool to roll in and check in on the big registration list. I have my dad or a helper take my signature name stamp and stamp next to my name on the big, long list. Then we take the slip of paper over to go pick up my ballot. Then we go over to the wheelchair accessible voting booth. I have who I want to vote for programmed into my communication device and let my helper know who to mark down as my choices. When we’re done, we go over and put the ballot in the ballot sucker upper machine. I put the “I voted” sticker on my chair or on me. I feel awesome! And proud! Even if my candidates don’t win – I’ve done my part.

If you have a disability, you CAN and SHOULD vote! It is our right! Here’s more information from Arc Minnesota about voting in 2018. Our voices matter!

Check back tomorrow for my post about who I’m voting for and why.

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