Justin smiling with MN Governor Walz

What is up in my world?


Hey, how awesome was last night’s Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan Inaugural Celebration?  Super AWESOME! Fun music, dancers, and so much excitement!

Selfie with Justin, mom and dad

Here are some of the picture highlights. Congratulations to Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan! I loved being a delegate for them in the caucus, organizing unit convention, and at the State DFL Convention. I loved volunteering however I could and writing blogposts in support of them and other political candidates and issues that I believe in.Justin, his parents, Lieutenant Governor Flanagan and Governor Walz

Time for #OneMinnesota where we ALL, including those of us with disabilities, have seats at the table!


Justin and man using wheelchair at inaugural celebration

The big toe annoyance

Justin dressed up and smiling

Update on my foot. I wasn’t able to have botox last week because I had a little cold earlier in the week so now it’s rescheduled for the end of January. When I get botox, I get nitrous oxide to help with the pain – can’t have nitrous when you’ve had a recent cold. I do have a dislocated-ish big toe and will need to figure out how to deal with that. First, we have to see if we can calm down the muscle tone with botox and then decide what’s next to fix the toe.

My red Acorn socks rock and look great with buffalo plaid for inaugural celebrations!


2 thoughts on “What is up in my world?”

  1. Hi Justin! An amazing night- it looked like a blast from your photos! Glad you got to go! I identified so much with your big toe annoyance. Some of my toes either aren’t straight or overlap, so wearing these yellow foam “toe separators” in my socks when I was younger was supposed to create more space between them.

    They were way too uncomfortable to wear all the time, though. I ended up telling the folks at Courage Kenny (then Courage Center) that I could only stand twice a week, but really I stopped them completely.

    Right now my toes are OK. Botox helps a lot, partly because looser hamstrings let me stand on my heels more than my toes/balls of my feet. My shoe inserts help, too. To this day, though, the big toe on my right foot insists on pointing in a diagonal direction and Gillette Lifetime tells me it will eventually get pain or numbness. There might be a ‘tendon relocation’ procedure that would help the toe point straighter. I’m open to exploring that as an option, but only if there’s no other choice. Obviously I would rather not go through all the recovery and hassle of surgery! Anyway, sorry it is bothering you. Thank you for sharing, and let us know what you find out!

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