legs with 2 blue 1/2 leg casts


Written by Mom (Kris Schulze)

Justin’s surgery on Friday went well. Both of his big toes have been straightened out – 3 pins in his left toe and cut the tendons, 2 in his right and didn’t cut the tendons. The doctor wants to try to keep the pins in until the end of June. He had a lot of nausea on Friday after surgery – never know if it’s the anesthesia or combination of pain killers. He was able to eat Saturday morning, pain management was going better, and he was ready to get back to his comfy queen-sized bed and out of the skinny hospital bed – so were on our way home by midday.

Picture of Justin before surgery

It was a rough homecoming. The ride home proved very painful – the pain meds weren’t helping. It’s kind of a vicious cycle – when he’s in pain, his high tone kicks in, which means his muscles in his feet were tightening causing even more pain. Finally after a couple calls to the triage nurse and adding some of his medical marijuana to the mix, he finally was able to get more comfortable.

Today is going a little better than yesterday and we’re getting a better handle on the pain management. We’re up every couple hours through the night alternating pain meds. He’s resting more comfortably today although still is at around 8 for pain levels. Some of the more challenging things are figuring out new ways of doing things from transfers to positioning and figuring out how to make him as comfortable as possible. Thank goodness we have lots and lots of pillows in this house!

Thanks to all of you for holding Justin and our family in your hearts. Justin loves your messages of love and support. Please keep sending extra strength and healing vibes! This is going to be a long couple of months – taking them one day at a time…Photo of X-rays showing pins through right and left big toes

5 thoughts on “Recovering”

  1. Thinking of you Justin! If you are looking for some escapism and haven’t seen One Day at a Time (the reboot) on Netflix, it is hilarious and definitely worth a watch. I will be in Mahtomedi for the second half of May, let’s find a day to hang out!


  2. Glad to know that all went well. Justin, hoping you are home enjoying Netflix and not in too much pain! You are so brave, my hero.


  3. Justin, you are a brave young man and every time I read one of your posts I think you are my hero. Hang in there and try to ride through the pain. For darn sure, it isn’t easy but you are tougher than you know. 💕💕 ( I was in MYF with your grandmother way back in Parsons)


  4. So sorry the ride home was rough, but so glad that day is behind you. It doesn’t seem fair that healing can be so hard, does it? I loved the other commenter’s recommendation for the One Day at a Time reboot. The title is apropos! (Plus, I’m old and remember the actual show from when I was a kid) Here’s to too much TV time, celebrating being post-surgery, and knowing we’ll be reading your blog posts again soon!!


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