Justin, young man, seated in wheelchair in front of adapted computer keyboard and joystick mouse, smiling at camera, Word document open on computer monitor, We are Wimbledon flag above monitor

Random updates: Housing, Football & Travels

Advocacy: MCD Legislative Forum

Just filmed part of my presentation yesterday for the MN Council of Disability’s (MCD) Legislative Forum coming up on December 16, 2022. Honored to be presenting along with Representative Reyer, the Public Policy Director from the Arc MN, and MCD board member about accessible affordable housing legislation. You can learn more about how to watch the online forum at 2023 MCD Legislative Forum | Minnesota Council On Disability (state.mn.us). Hope to virtually see you there!


Speaking of affordable housing, I GOT THE HOUSING VOUCHER! After ten months of denials, approvals followed by denials, and multiple doctor’s letters about reasonable accommodations based on my accessibility needs, I finally got a Section 8 Housing Voucher. It took effect in November and I can now afford my rent. I was close to having to decide whether or not to renew my lease for my apartment that took me almost a year to find in the first place. It would have been difficult to afford to stay without financial help from my parents which would then have impacted benefits like SSI that I depend on. Next step is to continue working on finding staff. I’ll save that long story for another day.

Justin, a man in his mid-20s with arm raised in a celebratory cheer, seated in power wheelchair with communication device, empty apartment with kitchen in background


Just finished watching AFC Wimbledon win and the United States lose to Netherlands in the World Cup. Finishing this up quick so I can watch more World Cup this afternoon. Looking forward to England’s match tomorrow! I did have fun watching football last week at The Local, an Irish Pub, in Minneapolis. “Football is life!” – Dani Rojas character in Ted Lasso

Justin, young man seated in wheelchair, next to his middle-aged dad with grey beard and hair pulled back in ponytail and holding Guinness beer, large screen with football/soccer match, in pub

Speaking of England and Ireland…

I’m actually going to England and Ireland!!! I’ll be flying to London with my parents in April and flying home from Dublin in May. This has been my dream for so long and can’t believe that we’re actually doing it! I’m hoping to get tickets to see AFC Wimbledon on the 22nd of April. And, how amazing would it be to get tickets for Wembley on 23rd of April for the FA Cup Semi-Finals? It would be unbelievably, undeniably awesome but probably also unbelievably and undeniably impossible to get tickets. On the other hand, Birdy is playing that night, too… So many possibilities and so excited for this trip of a lifetime!

Editing book

Been hard at work editing my fantasy novel. And editing. And editing.

See ya! Have a great week and enjoy the football!

1 thought on “Random updates: Housing, Football & Travels”

  1. Hey, Justin, you are rocking it…in SO MANY WAYS! Too bad for US team, but you like England’s, too. Congrats on the voucher finally!


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