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From Blues to Gala – Wild Month!

I went to a lot of concerts this month and I have two more before my trip to England and Ireland. Here were 2 of my favorite shows over the past month.

Buffalo Nichols @ the Turf Club

Just awesome. I first saw Buffalo Nichols in Austin, Texas and my parents and I agreed – he’s awesome. They got to see him in the Clown Lounge in the basement of the Turf Club last year, but I couldn’t see him then since there isn’t an elevator to the Clown Lounge. I was super excited to see he was playing in the Turf Club this time which is one of my new favorite music venues (well, except for the Clown Lounge in the basement that I can’t get to). I got there early so I could find a spot right up front by the stage. Yes, that’s my favorite spot for seeing shows at the Turf Club. Anyway, it was great to be able to see him play and sing up close. Be sure to see him in person next time he’s in your area – or just make a vacation and go see him anywhere! Check out the Current’s review of Buffalo Nichols.

The Arc Gala with Dan Wilson

Ended this music streak by seeing Dan Wilson at the Arc Gala. Very different than seeing him a month earlier with Semisonic at the Current’s Anniversary Show at First Avenue. After the first song or two, I decided it would be best to be right up in front of the stage. So I headed over in my fancy bow tie and fancy suspenders and soon was dancing on a floor of fancily dressed people. It was a pretty awesome performance. Arc Gala 2023

Speaking of the Arc Gala, watch for my next blog about my big wild advocacy week.

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