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writing\editing updates

Ocean updates

Just so you know, this book I have been working on for the last two years is a weird book to edit. It is fun to write though and I am on my last round of editing before I send it off to the first of two rounds of betas, maybe three. I am going to have to do a ton of editing after each round, then I will send it to the professional editors. I am hoping to be over 60% done with my edits before the trip.

I will also be looking for sensitivity readers or readers who have a background I am not from. They will be able to find errors in some of the characters who represent different backgrounds. I am a white male with cerebral palsy and don’t want to have harmful stereotypes in my writing.

All in all, I’m probably looking at July when the first round takes place.

Outlining my next book

Ok, you’re probably rolling your eyes at me for writing this segment. You can’t leave me alone with a keyboard and not expect a story to pop out. While I can’t reveal anything about these books, I can tell you I will be outlining one of the books during the beta reading phrase.


I am going to England and Ireland!  AAAHHH!!! This will be my first overseas trip ever and my dream for so long. Oh yeah and by the way, I am going to see AFC Wimbledon at Plough Lane and a whole bunch of other stuff!

23-year old Justin, wearing mask, sitting in airplane seat in empty airplane

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