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A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor: NO SPOILERS REVIEW

How do I describe this book I read in two days and have been waiting for two years? 3 words: GET IT NOW! It’s brilliantly written…OOPS! I’m so excited that I forgot to say that it is a sequel to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (AART) by Hank Green and if you haven’t read AART, where have you been in the last two years? This will be my spoiler-free thoughts on A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor (ABFE), but I highly recommend that you read AART first.

It is about how we use our consciousness, especially how we give it away to the internet. It is about the power of social media platforms and it’s also about fame. Green gives me a way out of myself which I love in books.

Both of these books made me think about the good and bad of technology. Assistive technology lets me experience freedom and independence online that I don’t often get to experience in the real world. I use the internet to communicate with the world. I use it for reading and learning. I can go anywhere on the internet – I can’t go anywhere in real life because of physical barriers that my wheelchair can’t overcome. I can have conversations online that people don’t often have the patience for when I’m trying to communicate slowly with a communication device.

But, then there’s the downsides of social media which we’re all aware of. It’s easy to be caught up in the feed and the chaos. To follow the people who are suddenly famous or have a million likes but not really know who they are or why we should pay attention to them. I don’t care about being a person who is famous, but these two books forced me to think about how fame works. As these platforms grow even more powerful than they are, it is up to us to check that power.

You can buy the book anywhere books are sold and I recommend starting with your local independent bookstore first! Indie Bookstore Finder

As for me, I use Bookshare.org to read. Here’s a quick video that shows how. If you have a disability or reading barrier, be sure to check out Bookshare.

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