Justin, mom, dad with the Interrupters band

Got a haircut

I would like to congratulate Liverpool for winning the Premier League and its first time in thirty years. It’s been great to be able to watch some Premier League Football this past couple weeks!

Got my haircut

Smiling Justin with eyes closed

After four months of not getting my hair cut, I got a haircut for the first time since everything got locked down. Because of my uncontrolled movement, usually my dad or my caregiver hold my head steady while the person cuts my hair. It didn’t work well for me to wear the mask but my dad held a towel on my face while he was holding my head still.

Music that gives me hope

I’ve been buying cd’s and trying to support musicians however I can. Top songs that give me hope right now:

  1. Hallelujah by HAIM – I saw HAIM in 2018 at the Palace but surprisingly didn’t write about it in my blog because got busy with DFL State Convention! Lizzo was the warmup band and I was blown away!
  2. Colors by Black Pumas (Juneteenth session) – my post about  Current Anniversary at First Ave where I saw Black Pumas First Time @ First Ave
  3. Easy On You by The Interrupters – my post about Interrupters concert The Interrupters up close
  4. Fear and Power by Seratones – my post about Current Anniversary at First Ave where I heard Seratones for the first time First Time @ First Ave
  5. Yesterday by Imagine Dragons – my post about Imagine Dragons music helping me deal with upcoming surgery last year Tearing at the seams
  6. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman – just discovered Tracy Chapman (forgive me, I’m young!) She’s amazing!

Remember to wear a mask and have a fantastic week!

3 thoughts on “Got a haircut”

  1. I had no idea you were into soccer/football. Congratulations to Liverpool indeed, and even more so if you’re a Reds fan! You all are lucky to have Klopp, who I think is a generational manager who can completely transform a club. (I root for Norwich, on the other end of the table.)


  2. I like your new ‘do, Justin. And I miss sharing music with you in person these crazy days…Haim’s new album is releasing this week too, right? The Current is playing them especially all this week.Miss you, friend!


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