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Learning with Skillshare

What am I doing to learn to better my craft of writing and how to market me and my books even though I don’t have a book out? Recently I wrote about taking some Coursera courses which have been interesting. I’ve also been interested in trying out Skillshare for a while because it features a lot of courses and workshops for writers. I just purchased the premium license after doing the free introductory time frame.

What is it?

I discovered this online platform through an Authortuber I watch (Authortuber = YouTube video blogger who’s an author). Back to the question about what is Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning platform that has a lot of courses focused on topics including creative writing, design, video, freelancing, blogging, and more – think of it more as online community for creators. Anyone can sign up to take their free courses but a premium membership is needed if you want to take any of their available premium courses or to view offline.

And it’s awesome as far as accessibility for me goes. I want to point out that the accessibility on this site works well for me and my accessibility needs and I haven’t done a digital accessibility review of the site or anything like that. Closed captions have been available for the videos I’ve watched so far. There is a transcript for every video. The sessions are relatively short – and I can focus on topics that I’m interested in. The group chat with other writers works well with my WordQ word prediction software. I haven’t tried out the workshops where I’d submit my own material so not sure how that all works. I like to point out that everyone is unique so what works well for me may not work well for everyone.  

Justin looking at Skillshare course on computer monitor
Me watching Skillshare course about Science Fiction & Fantasy featuring Lincoln Michel

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