Newspaper open to Technology is a game-changer article, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars book by Christopher Paolini
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Awesome week. Truly awesome week.

On Wednesday, I saw my name in print. You got it, my first byline for an article I wrote about how I use Bookshare to read independently, was published in the White Bear Press. Yay! Technology is a game-changer, by Justin Smith, White Bear Press

Later that morning, I got my 2nd Moderna shot. I’m officially vaccinated, as are all my direct support staff. For the first time in over a year, I feel free. I understand there’s still a ways to go. A lot more people need vaccines. There are variants. Etc. Etc. Etc. But, I feel grateful that maybe I can start getting out in the world again without so much fear.

Justin in wheelchair with gator mask on, sleeve rolled up with bandaid on arm, building behind him

And then, on Thursday, you’ll never believe this. I got an email from Christopher Paolini’s assistant. Christopher Paolini, whose book I mentioned in the article I wrote, actually read my article and is sending me a Fractalverse pin! Can you hear my excited scream right now? How amazing for such an incredible author, who I’m a total fan of actually reach out to me. If you don’t know what the Fractalverse is, read To Sleep in a Sea of Stars! It’s almost 800 pages long and I think I read it in just under 2 weeks! And then ordered a copy of the book for my mom.

So, like I said, awesome week. Truly awesome week!

Justin, smiling, seated in power wheelchair on outside deck, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars book by Paolini and newspaper are on lap tray

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