autographed To Sleep in a Sea of Stars poster, bookmarks, letter, photograph of Christopher Paolini
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Blog book update, fractalverse awesomeness, what else?

Fractalverse awesomeness

I got some amazing things I want to share with you. I am just so appreciative and don’t know if authors or just people in general always realize the impact they have on others. On Wednesday, I watched the mail delivery person bring two packages to our door. The banner picture shows the autographed book poster, bookmarks, fractalverse pin, and kind, encouraging personal letter from one of my favorite authors, Christopher Paolini.

Never underestimate the impact kindness has on others. I feel as if I’m faster than light this week and have been writing non-stop. Christopher wrote, “Don’t give up on your writing! You can do it!” It’s not always easy as a writer, and an author I respect and admire reaching out like this, is truly awesome!  

Bookshare blog

If you missed my article that was posted in the White Bear Press a couple weeks ago, it was also just shared on the Bookshare Blog. So, check it out at Technology is a Game Changer (Bookshare Blog)

Screenshot of Bookshare Blog Technology is a Game Changer post, images of Justin at computer and Justin at soccer field, several book covers
Bookshare Blog post featuring my article

Essay book

I’ve been working on the essay book. I’m at 6k words in the two weeks I have been writing this. This is pulling essays from my blog that I’m adding to from my perspectives now looking back at some of those essays from my younger self. I am extremely excited. I am hoping to be a good chunk of the way done by Mother’s Day.

Time for football

AFC Wimbledon football/soccer is on in a little bit. So that’s it from me today. Go Dons!

Be kind to yourself and others!

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars poster, autographed "To Justin, Eat the path" Christopher Paolini

4 thoughts on “Blog book update, fractalverse awesomeness, what else?”

  1. This is so 100% awesome, Justin! Lexi loved Christopher’s books, too. It’s always encouraging when you here about someone like him reaching out to his fans.🙌🙌🙌

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  2. Hi, Justin,

    May I introduce my self to you? My name is Barbara Sanders and I have attended White Bear UU Church for many years. I met and became friends with your grandmother Judy there and had a chance to chat with you some years ago. It has been quite a while since then and I am constantly astonished at how fast our “youth” become adults! I thought then, and continue to think now what a remarkable person you are. Thank you so much for your blog: it keeps me informed about some of the things you are involved with. You impress and inspire every time you send a copy of your blog. You remind me that there are still people of good heart and much talent in the world.

    Thank you for your suggestions for books and authors. It is good to know that you are among them! Looking forward to your blog book.

    Happy Spring and keep writing,

    Barbara Sanders


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  3. Hey, J, I’ve been up early reading form 5AM til 7AM after picking up your recommended book: “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” –my first sci-fi read (except for yours).I see why your mom likes it, too. Will be following Kira’s future (bye-bye Adra).

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