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Update on blog book, other projects

Before I tell you the updates on the various projects I have started, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss a single post. Also, feel free to share my posts on social media. I write about accessibility, reading, live music and life as a person with a disability. Now, let’s get into the projects I am currently working on.

Blog book

I am about halfway through the outline and I am loving this book. I have a pretty loose outline, but it’s going well. Still aiming for thirty thousand words by early summer.

I have to edit and add stuff. I am definitely going to have to remove things that are not relevant to the book and get beta readers. I am still deciding on which publishing avenue is the right fit for this book. I’m sure it’ll be a process!

Young adult fantasy

I am momentarily all focused on my blog book, so I am not working on anything else. As soon as I am done drafting the blog book, I am going to figure out the multiple dimensions that this book could take (literally and figuratively speaking). I started writing this when protests against the shooting of George Floyd were starting. Over the last year, I’ve stopped and started and stopped and started working on this project. The ideas are still jumbling around my brain.

Institutional dystopia

Ok, this book idea, I am still researching, but it’s going to be dark. I want to capture the feeling of the institutions from the past and even today in this story and some of the horror stories that this dystopian world goes through. By institutions, I’m meaning the kind of places my parents might have been encouraged to place me in the not too distant past in my state because I have a disability. Part of my inspiration for this dystopian novel is looking back at the history of people with disabilities that I started studying in high school and also in Partners in Policymaking by the MN Council of Developmental Disabilities. One of the infamous institutions for children and adults with disabilities was Willowbrook in New York to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Willowbrook, the institution that shocked a nation into changing its laws | by Matt Reimann | Timeline

New adult mystery

Need to research, but it’s going to have that thriller twist and the narrator has cerebral palsy. Also, takes place during COVID.

Justin in wheelchair smiling, 2 hot dogs, chocolate and vanilla ice cream in cups on picnic table, trees, park bench
Cup & Cone!!! Nothing better than ice cream and hot dogs!

So, lots of ideas spinning in my head and it’s getting nice out. Instead of working on Saturday, I took my mom out for lunch at our local favorite – Cup and Cone! I feel much safer getting out in the world again now that it’s been 3 weeks since my 2nd vaccine! Also took some time today to catch some of the Microsoft Ability Summit.

Justin smiling, watching Jenny Lay-Flurry and Satya Nadella and ASL interpreter on computer monitor
Watching the Ability Summit keynote – yes, accessibility is fun!

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