Dad smiling, holding 9-year old laughing Justin and his laughing younger brother on a hammock
Accessibility (#A11y), Music

What’s new with my life?

Here’s an update on stuff I am doing.


Yes, I am going to Austin, Texas, this fall just for a fun vacation. This is a test to see how flying works since the last time I flew was years ago. It will be my first trip out of state since going to Toronto.

Justin in front of Moose statue
Fun in Toronto, 2017

Return to First Ave

I remember one of the last concerts I went to before the pandemic hit. It was the first time I went to First Ave and I wrote all about it in this post: First Time @ First Ave post. On September 26, I will be going back to First Ave to see Julien Baker. Julien Baker at First Ave info

Taking a break from the blog book

I will be coming back to the blog book in July for my Camp NaNo project. And I will be starting with revisiting the outline because I don’t think it is working how I’d like.

It’s Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day and if you weren’t aware, I’m one of those lucky guys who has an awesome dad. I am going to link my Father’s Day post I did two years ago and share some of my favorite photos.

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