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My review of the Green Bone Saga so far

This double book review is something that I wanted to do for a while. I am going to talk about both Jade City and Jade War, the first two books of the Green Bone Saga, by Fonda Lee.

The Green Bone saga, an adult fantasy series, is basically about clan warfare between two families in a world where the two powerful clans hold major political power. I am going to focus on the character work and the magical substance of jade because WOW. If you like family crime sagas like the Godfather or 1920s Prohibition gangsters, you will probably love these themes in this fantasy setting as much as I do.

My favorite two characters in the first book are Shea and Hilo. Hilo’s a muscle man turned leader who is given so much depth I care about him. After the second book in the saga, Jade War, I now literally hate him in a hard-earned way. Shea doesn’t even want to be in the family business in the first book, Jade City, and we get to see her slowly pulled back into clan business. In the second book, my favorite character is Anden because, not getting into spoilers, he is able to leave the island [ok, without his full consent, but still]. The author has created and sucked you in to caring for characters with interesting morals.

Let’s talk about the jade. You have to be of the right blood line in this fantasy world and you have to be heavily trained to be able to use this magical force. There are 6 disciplines for these supernatural powers: strength, perception, deflection, steel, lightness and channeling. Personally, I love steel, perception and deflection because they are kind of defensive powers that can be used to perceive the threat, deflect the shot, and steel yourself in duels. Always good things during warfare.

I give the first two books 10/10. Can’t wait for the third and final book, Jade Legacy, which is coming out on November 30th. Thanks Fonda Lee, for creating such an intriguing world.

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