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Accessibility Report for Family Visit Week

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I was out more last week when we had out-of-town family visiting, than in the past months. Here are some of the places I visited in the Twin Cities with their respective accessibility reports. Enjoy!

Walker Art Center Hillside Jazz (Present Tense): Joel Ross Good Vibes

Amazing! The Walker staff bent over backwards to accommodate me and my family, even providing chairs for those in my group that wanted them. We parked in the ramp under the hill we sat on to watch the concert next to the Walker Art Center overlooking the Sculpture Garden. Joel Ross Good Vibes was awesome, also!

St. Paul Saints Baseball 

Awesome! You are limited to only two to three other people who can sit with the person who needs accessible seating. We were able to get additional seats for the rest of our group in the row in front of where I sat. It does make it difficult to go to games with a larger group when you’re all sitting in different areas, but is pretty standard for sporting events and concert seating.

Disabled parking is available right in front of the stadium for $20. St. Paul Saints CHS Accessibility website

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

This is another place I went last week and is a great accessible place to hang out and check out art. When I was there with my uncle and aunt, we spent a lot of time in the Japanese and Chinese art exhibits. Also, saw a fantastic, powerful exhibit by Piotr Szyhalski called COVID-19: Labor Camp Report. It captured a lot of my emotions over the past year and a half. Minneapolis Institute of Arts Accessibility Information on

Electric Fetus Record Store

First time I’ve been here and loved it! Happy birthday to me! The entry door was a little narrow, but once inside, nice wide aisles to move my chair around in. One thing that might not be great is that the record and CD bins are set up for standing people to browse. If I were moving myself around in a manual chair, I would need help. I am tall and my chair elevates so I could see in the bins while my dad flipped through the options. I am not sure what the solution would be to this problem except you can shop online and staff seemed pretty helpful, too. Electric Fetus website.

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  1. Justin…..I have been asked to join White Bear Lake Community Conversations next week on zoom, answering questions about how welcoming the community is in regards to racial diversity, as well as to people with disabilities and other differences. I am wondering how you view our community in regards to accessibility ? I’ love to bring few general concerns from someone who lives in the comunity. Thanks.

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