Justin looking at Piotr Szyhalski art exhibit black and white prints
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Family and Big Days

It’s time for a weekly writing update: currently on pace to hit 10k words and it’s going well on my latest writing endeavor. Should hit that goal when you’re reading this post. Pictures are from my artsy day on Friday at Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center Hillside Jazz concert.


Haven’t seen my dad’s sister’s family since the Thanksgiving before COVID, which was a really quick trip as they had to leave early to beat a snowstorm. This time my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Kentucky were here for almost a whole week. I think I got out and about more this week than I have in the past several months! Hoping to be able to see them in Chicago sometime this fall or next spring to see my cousin’s DePaul University recital and my cousin on my mom’s side of the family who also lives in Chicago. Watch for my accessibility report blog post tomorrow for some of the fun stuff we did over this past week.

Big Days

I’m now officially almost in my mid-twenties… I had a birthday last Monday. Fun to have extended family here to help celebrate. And, congrats to my awesome mom and dad who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Celebrated both at that Saints game where my Minnesota aunt and uncle joined in on the fun!

And I can’t forget the other big day of this week, that I’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently for over the past two months… you’ve got it! AFC Wimbledon Football is back! Nothing better than breakfast at my computer watching the Dons win!

3 thoughts on “Family and Big Days”

  1. Happy birthday Justin and happy anniversary to your parents! My wife and I celebrated 30 years in 2020, although it wasn’t much of a celebration due to COVID. I’m glad you’re getting to visit with family again. Keep up the writing, I really enjoy reading your posts! Take care-Mike Hatzenbeler

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  2. Happy Birthday Justin! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday with your family at the Saints game. Hard to believe you’re hitting your mid 20’s already. Seems like just yesterday I watched your amazing speech at the White Bear High School graduation. You graduated with my daughter Hannah. Keep up the great work with the writing. Love reading your updates. Take care.

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