Justin in wheelchair holding ADA = Access sign in front of MN State Capitol
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life updates

This is going to be a quick overview of what I’ve been working on and advocacy stuff coming up.

Presenting at Homes For All Annual Launch: The Crisis Stops Here on 2/2

My apartment search has shown me and hopefully you all the critical need for more accessible, affordable housing and building standards that actually works for people with many types of disabilities and accessibility needs. I’ll be sharing my experiences and need for accessible, affordable housing with Arc Minnesota as part of the Homes for All Annual Launch: The Crisis Stops Here on 2/2 from noon-1:30 CST. Would love if you’re able to join the event and help support these Minnesota 2022 legislative efforts! Homes for All Annual Launch Registration site (Eventbrite)

Back of young man in power wheelchair with masked dad standing in front of him, empty apartment
A peek into what will be my new apartment

MN Caucuses on February 1st

Show up however you can either virtually or in-person. I’ll be masking up and trying to be there in person this year. And, yes, raising my hand to be a delegate to future conventions. It’s important to me to make sure I’m making my voice heard about issues such as affordable, accessible housing that works and strengthening self-directed services for people with disabilities, etc. And also supporting candidates that will champion causes I believe in. MN Secretary of State’s Caucus Finder site

Justin Stofferahn and Justin Smith smiling
Justins for Justin Stofferahn for Minnesota House 2022

Over fifty thousand words

I’m almost at fifty-two thousand words and I am halfway through the first draft of my current writing endeavor. One of the things I am doing with this book is trying to find different ways of writing pain and not just physical. Delving into emotional pain. So, yeah, it’s interesting and intense.

Have a great couple weeks! I’ll post my Housing for All presentation after February 2nd.

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