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It’s Time to Begin, isn’t it?

Welcome and do I have a big valley of news for you, starting with the legislation to make apartments more accessible in Minnesota. I will be testifying on Tuesday at a MN House hearing for this crucial piece of legislation (HF 2695 and SF 2603) that is also supported by the Arc Minnesota and the Homes for All coalition, a coalition of advocacy groups. Excited to testify for the first time at a House hearing! Here’s the Housing Finance and Policy Home Page for links to view the hearing at 10:30 am CST on Tuesday, 2/22/22. Read more from the Arc’s legislative priorities and Homes for All Minnesota’s 2022 agenda.

I am out of my childhood home

I’m writing this in my new apartment – the internet and computer are now set up! Here are just some of the things I love about my new place:

  • This is a brand new building and lots of people are just moving in. I’ve met some of my new neighbors and excited to get to know new people.
  • It’s a brand new building so I’m the first person to live in my apartment and it feels fresh and new.
  • When it warms up, I can go outside and explore. There’s a walking trail with restaurants nearby. It’s close to the movie theater and I can’t wait to go to more movies.
  • I have underground parking for my van that’s right next to the elevator across from my apartment – super convenient!
  • Last night I just went and drove around the underground parking garage and it’s kind of fun to have some space to zoom around.

It’s still a work in progress and my main staff are still my parents until we can find more people to work. The pictures down below are pictures from the first week in my new place.

 3rd time seeing Imagine Dragons

Keep your eyes peeled on for the accessibility review of Target Center in Minneapolis. I’m going for the third time to see one of my favorite bands next weekend… AAAHHH!!! Another thing I love about my new place? I’m 20 minutes closer to downtown Minneapolis for concerts, shows at First Avenue, etc.

62k and just put in a major chapter

I just wrote a very important and interesting chapter of the book I am writing. Haven’t written a word since Thursday. I’ve been kind of busy!

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Begin, isn’t it?”

  1. Wow!! I love all this news, and I am especially proud that you are testifying to help make Minnesota housing more accessible and more available! Your apartment looks so nice. What an accomplishment!


  2. Justin – I’m so incredibly excited for you to have your own place. Will be watching the legislation. I’m sure your testimony will be powerful!


  3. This is all just AWESOME news, Justin! Congrats on your apartment!!! Can’t wait to hear more about the hearing. MN and the world need to hear as much as they can from Justin Smith.


  4. Woo! Who! Congrats, 20-something young adult! I’m excited to see you in your new place, too!
    Sounds like a lot more out-of-the-house experiences ahead for you here…fun for you, Justin.


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