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Independence Year Updates

Short blog today because I want to work on my other writing today. I’m continuing to make progress on putting the pieces together:

  • Housing voucher is officially approved which means my apartment is officially affordable with my paying a percentage of my SSI income on rent. This is a huge thing – many people wait years to get a waiver. Thanks to Arc Transition Services and St. Paul Housing Authority in helping make this happen! Read more about this: $841 – $1332 = a math problem. Affordable apartment – CHECK
  • Met with my case manager and will be starting to work on getting my self-directed budget increased to cover my staffing needs. Consumer directed Community Supports (CDCS) budgets should be comparable to non-self-directed services! I should be able to make my 24-hour care staffing work with my CDCS budget and not be forced to use more traditional, less self-directed option. Learn more about this: Bureaucracy + budget + staffing = nightmare. Budget and staffing – WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Best for last – I’ve written over 83k words in the fictional horror book I’ve been working non-stop with some breaks for writing blogs and exploring my new neighborhood. Writer’s Life – ¾ DONE of DRAFT

Thank you, Mary Lucia!

Wanted to do my own thank you to Mary Lucia, who had her last day at The Current radio station on Thursday. I was lucky to be able to meet her and be interviewed about accessibility at local music venues a couple years ago. She is incredibly awesome, kind, and fun. She made me feel heard. Mary, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to make the world a more inclusive place!

Here’s the link to my blog post with links to the interview on Listen to Looch: Talking Accessibility @ The Current

3 thoughts on “Independence Year Updates”

  1. You are a most amazing person! Hoping your efforts will continue to help others: you have done so much. We are looking forward to reading the book. Thanks for keeping us updated on so many things.


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