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Time for some music!

I went to three shows in 10 days in early/mid-June. Just haven’t had time to write up my Live Music Review until now. Two were at the Armory and one was in an outrageously hot bar. All three shows were awesome!

The Armory Accessibility Report Update

This is an update to my terrible experience at the Armory seeing Maggie Rogers in 2019 (Maggie Rogers at the Armory Accessibility Check blog from 9/29/2019). When I went to the HAIM show in early June, the attendant showing us to the accessible seating brought us to the second level and pointed out the seating way in the back of the venue (like a block away from the stage) just as we experienced in 2019. It looked as if it was going to be another show where I pay full price for me and my helper, who happened to be my mom for this show. And, my seating was in the very back.

But, hold on! I was there early enough for this show to go explore. There is some blocked off space right up front to the left of the stage, just up on the raised area by the bars on the general floor. The Security guys said that I could watch the concert from there. This was an awesome spot. I could see the bands. I wasn’t trapped in my chair in the crowded general admission floor and I wasn’t sitting at the very back of the venue.

The following week, I went to see Flogging Molly, the Skints, and Tiger Army. Still bummed out that the Interrupters couldn’t be there. And, am glad they’re back to good health. I really hope they come back to MN soon! Anyway, the attendant guy again started taking me and my helper up to the seating in back of the 2nd floor balcony area. And, we said, “no!” Just let us out on the main floor. We did get the wrist band that allows you to go to the second floor. This would be useful for super crowded shows where you might need a break from the crowd. I don’t think the attendant or the manager know that there’s space closer up front. Thanks to the awesome security guys who were so incredibly helpful. They even gave us bottles of water! I hope I didn’t mess anything up by writing all this but this is how it should always be when going to a concert at the Armory. Have space closer to the stage for people with disabilities that need a little more room.

Justin, a young man in his 20s seated in wheelchair with man in his 30s with arm around Justin's shoulder, both smiling, wall barriers separating their section
Trevor and me in the primo up-front close to the stage seating area for Flogging Molly

The first picture below is from the way back accessible seating with the stage far, far away. The next are from where I sat closer to the stage for HAIM and Flogging Molly.

Outrageously Hot Bad Man Show

I LOVE the Bad Man! Really, I LOVE the Bad Man! I saw them on the Saturday after seeing HAIM and before seeing Flogging Molly. This show was hot! It was at Mortimer’s in Minneapolis, a small venue that on a hot Minnesota night was steamy inside. Yes, that’s a picture of me with my shirt off! Anyway, I connected with this band after they performed at the Current’s Anniversary Show at my first time at First Ave 2-1/2 years ago (First Time @ First Ave blog post). The band remembered me and gave me an autographed set list for the night and some posters. The saxophonist’s mom danced to the left of me to help guard me and my chair. It was wild, fun, and I was out until bar close.

Bring a cold towel if you’re planning on a dancing night out on one of the hottest days of the summer!

3 picture collage, Justin in wheelchair with lead singer from the Bad Man who has arm around Justin's shoulder, Justin smiling in crowded dance floor with wet towel around shoulder, Justin in his wheelchair in van with shirt off looking tired and smiling
Scenes from the Bad Man with lead singer, Peter Memorich

Updates on my book

Rewriting this book is fun. I killed off a minor character and because of the ripple effects, I am taking out events and rewriting.

Have an awesome day everyone!

The Bad Man poster and signed set list

1 thought on “Time for some music!”

  1. Fun…fun…fun!!! You and Trevor look like you’re having a good time, too.
    Lucky for you to be that close to see Haim (albeit from the side).


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