autographed To Sleep in a Sea of Stars poster, bookmarks, letter, photograph of Christopher Paolini

Just had to do this quick Fractalverse update

You might remember how To Sleep in a Sea of Stars was the first book in Christopher Paolini’s Fractalverse and I had that article that got printed in my local paper and Bookshare blog. Refresher: Blog book update, fractalverse awesomeness, what else? blogpost from 4/17/2021

I just saw this from Mr. Paolini’s Twitter account:

This Spring, travel back into the Fractalverse with FRACTAL NOISE. Set 23 years before the events in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, this sci-fi thriller tells the story of humanity’s first discovery of alien intelligence. You can learn more or pre-order here:

Christopher Paolini Tweet from 10/3/2022

I will definitely be reading this, are you kidding me? Science fiction thrillers and human’s first discovery with alien intelligence…AAAHHH! 

This awesome sounding book comes out May 16, 2023. Can’t wait to read it on Bookshare and my mom may be getting a book for Mother’s Day!

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