Castleton street with stone buildings, pink flowering trees, green hill, stone wall
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England is Awesome

I love England! My favorite things so far have been experiencing AFC Wimbledon in person, going to the Birdy concert, and meandering through graveyards in the Peak District. Cheers!

“Beware of a slow sudden death”

Here are some of my favorites from graveyards in Eyam and Hope. In 1665, Eyam was struck by the Bubonic Plague. The villagers sealed off their village to protect surrounding areas. The last picture is a sad grave from Hope of a young mom and 7 children who died in infancy with quote to beware of a slow sudden death.

Justin, a young man in wheelchair,  old church, Eyam graveyard

Peak of the Peak

This has been our chill week between London and Dublin. We are staying in Castleton and have gone to Buxton, Chatsworth House, and Eyam. It rains a lot in England so we always have rain gear with us. Here is more from the Peak District.

Off to Dublin tomorrow

Final week is in Dublin. Tomorrow we drive our humongous van back to Chester, hop a train through Northern Wales to catch a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin. Wish us luck!

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