Justin in wheelchair in front of word wall of literary words such as wordsmith, essayist, comedian, scriptwriter, novelist, poet, and quote "Noble words coming. Look out. Could you try your hand at it you..." from James Joyce, Ulysses.

“Raise your hopeful voice”

This line is from the song Falling Slowly from the movie, Once, which is one of my favourite movies set in Dublin, Ireland, where I just got back from. Some of my favourites in Dublin included pubs, buskers, and learning about Irish history in museums like the GPO Museum of the 1916 Easter Rising, EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, and the Dublin Castle. Sláinte!

My dream trip to England and Ireland happened. It’s done. And, I hope to be able to return again someday! I’m working on a couple accessibility experience posts for this trip related to transportation, hotels, logistics, and just generally moving around with a wheelchair in London, the Peak District of England, and Dublin. Watch for those over the next week or two.

Pictures below are from the GPO Museum, street scene with GPO in the background, EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, the Dublin Castle, Howth boat ride around Ireland Eye, graveyard, Cobblestone Pub and Slattery’s Pub.

Some of the places we visited in Dublin

Happy Mother’s Day everyone and thanks to my mom who loves to plan adventures!

Justin, young man in wheelchair, and his mom, smiling, River Liffey, Ha'Penny Bridge in background, buildings
Falling Slowly from Once (YouTube)

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