Happy summer

I’m having a pretty low-key summer. My mom and younger brother are ditching me and my dad to go spend almost 3 weeks in Germany. My brother’s been studying German since 6th grade and my mom studied for a semester in Germany a really, really, long, long time ago. Mom, could you please bring me back some World Cup Germany Futbol socks!

Other stuff happening this summer

Some Sports

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 logo

I’m having an awesome time watching the World Cup. Thrilling. Exciting. Nail-biting.

I am a huge fan of AFC Wimbledon so have been following them online. They are a fan-owned team.

Some Medical Stuff

I just started trying out medical marijuana and will let folks know how it’s going in a month or two. The hope is to reduce pain in my knees, hamstrings, and hips and calm involuntary, jerky movement and muscle spasms. Minnesota has approved the use of medical marijuana.

Some Writing

Continuing to write my action-packed, mystery, romance novel. I’m on page 86. I’m going to get a bunch done when my mom and brother are on vacation.

Some Politics

The Minnesota Primary is coming up on August 14. I am going to volunteer for the candidates I support. If you live in Minnesota, remember to go VOTE! It’s important! If you’re not around on August 14, you can vote by mail or in person through August 13. Check out more information about voting at the Secretary of State’s website.

Some Ideas for the Future

My dad and I are going to go tour Augsburg University on Wednesday. I have been taking classes at Century College, a community college near where I live. I’ve heard really good things about Augsburg and would like to see if it might be a good fit.

Don’t forget to be awesome!

One Month until the World Cup: Who do we root for?

I love to watch sports and so I thought I’d write about something other than accessibility, disability rights, or politics for a change. As we get ready for the World Cup, the United States is not in. So since I’m from the United States who should I root for?FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 logo

Since I am a huge fan of underdogs, I have to imagine a world where countries, who are not expected to win, go to the finals, play teams like Germany or Britain, and win. I can already hear the announcer yell “GOOOOOOOAAAAL” and a 1-0 nail-biter end. So I’m excited to watch the games, not caring which teams are playing, and have fun.

BTW, I will be posting more often, so please leave ideas for topics in comments.