3…2…1 Action

Follow up to last week’s post about Google Live Transcribe app for Android. I had another doctor’s visit with my Movement Disorder Team on Thursday, so tried out Google Live Transcribe again. We made a video while waiting for the doctors to come in to the room. “Huh, you say? Not a video!” Yes, a video! My mom is the co-star for this one and dad is the camera person.

Tips for using auto-transcription apps:

  • 1 person talk at a time
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Have someone who does not have hearing issues also monitor the captions so they can correct things when captions are wrong

Auto-transcription is not perfect. Without someone who can hear better monitoring for accuracy, I would miss stuff. Like this time, the doctor was saying something and one of the words was “actually.” Google Live Transcribe thought he said “sexually.” This could lead to some big misunderstandings. My mom backed us all up so that I understood what he was actually saying.

Like a lot of stuff in my life and with assistive technologies, it’s a work in progress. This kind of tech will be helpful for some of us with hearing loss in some situations but not all. This works okay for me because we have just a couple of us in the room and I have someone who is reading the captions along with me to let me know when it messes up. If I’m in a college lecture, event like Disability Day at the Capitol, presentation, or meeting, then I’d prefer to have CART captioning. It’s more accurate.

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