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So I just finished reading Frankenstein. Just to be clear, Frankenstein is the doctor who created a monster, not the monster. Check out John Green’s Crash Courses on Frankenstein – great resource for all of those learning at home:

Between reading good books, I’ve been editing my own book and plotting the next three months. Once I think I am done enough with editing, it’s off to beta readers. Then, I’ll edit again before shipping it off to the next round of beta readers. Edit some more…

#StayHome and #StayHomeMN

I know that you might be getting bored, but it’s vital to stay at home for a little or a long while. Do not, under any circumstances, gather publicly unless the health professionals say otherwise. I’m at high risk and so are my grandparents. Do your part and help keep us all safe.

The reason why I mention this is people are asymptomatic to the virus and that is dangerous. So, #StayHome and keep doing whatever you’re doing to keep busy. I’ve been watching mysteries on BritBox and Netflix, my favorite late night shows on YouTube, and going for some walks in my neighborhood on nice days. Talk to your grandparents on the phone or video chat. Reach out to people you haven’t reached out to for a while.

One year ago today, I was dancing like crazy to the Interrupters and met them after the show.  You all know how much I love going to concerts and listening to live music. After all this is done – I’m going to First Ave! Happy 50th First Avenue! I was just there for my first time in February for the Current’s Anniversary Party and it was awesome! I can’t wait to see The Bad Man again, either – they were fun!

Time for some of my dad’s homemade pizza now. Stay well and stay home!

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