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4-year anniversary of Justin Smith Writes

Guess what? Today is my four-year blog-versary.

So, I have changed the theme, design, whatever it is to the website. The reason why I changed my design is it felt like a change was needed. And, what else to do when I’m stuck at home.

Tour of the new site

I created a static home page with a separate blog page. I’m working on categories to better organize my posts – work in progress. I’ve featured some stories where I’ve been recognized for my advocacy work. Enjoy and let me know how you like my redesigned site.

My personal favorite four blogposts

  1. Being Human was the first one. It was just a little under two months of my senior year and I was interested in being a blogger. I was seventeen when I first started writing this blog and the funny thing is it was not the first post I even wrote. It was a speech I wrote about three years before for my church’s youth group service.
  2. Faith in the Midst of Bewilderment was written before my 2nd DBS surgery and I also wrote that for a youth group service two years before starting this blog.
  3. Accessibility; what works for me was the first post I wrote in preparation for presenting at Closing the Gap Conference. I’m going to have to write another one someday soon.
  4. Maggie Rogers at the Armory was also interesting to write. It was a review of my accessibility experience at the Armory. Maggie Rogers was amazing! Accessibility not so much.

My most popular four blogposts plus one bonus

These blogposts had the most views.

Let me know what your personal favorite posts have been! Also, my blog has had around 21,300 views in the past 4 years. Share my blog and posts with others – let’s see if I can make it to 50,000 views by my 5th blog-versary! Thanks for following me!

#StayHome, stay safe and DFTBA!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past four years!

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