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Songs I’ve been listening to

What sort of songs have I been listening to over and over again since I have been stuck indoors?

  • When the party’s over by Billie Eilish- in my opinion, this song has a feeling of being lost and I am getting that feeling like lots of people might be feeling a little lost because of what is happening. And it’s captioned, too!
  • I Lost a Friend by FINNEAS- I’ve talked about this in the two books I’ve written and the losing a friend part is something that feels to me like everyone has gone through. Also, it’s captioned.
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons- I love this song and this is the first song that got me when I was going through all of my DBS surgeries.
  • Just Like Me by my friend, Sophia Cruz- I love this song, Sophia. I put it on my time-to-write playlist. It’s a single – go buy it! Support young musicians!

What have you been listening to during #StayHome?

Sophia Cruz Just For Me, couple in car with city landscape
Sophia Cruz “Just for Me” – Artwork by Eleanor Strong

1 thought on “Songs I’ve been listening to”

  1. I’ve been listening to 2 very different radio stations: going back and forth between The Current 89.3 and Classical 99.5 (both MPR). Last night I stood in a nearby friend’s driveway as we sang MPR’s community sing along “You’ve Got a Friend” (at a distance of 6 feet) with some of her neighbors across their street. Tonight I enjoyed the 3-major networks’ Global WHO concert for medical workers dueling the virus; it was uplifting and sobering. I also like Bob Dylan’s recent release “Murder Most Foul”. Carry on…


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