Minnesota State Capitol

Let’s get started

The thing is, you can vote however you want. I’m not going to tell you who you should vote for. But I want to be straight with you on what’s at stake in this election.

I’m writing this during the middle of the deadliest pandemic we have been dealing with and as this country deals with systemic racism. And now, the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg. It’s going to be a crazy fall. I am just going to say it. We can’t sit this election out.

So over the next several weeks, you’ll see more of my political blogs because I can’t just vote and wait for the election without doing whatever I can to support candidates I think will make a positive impact on my life, my family, my community, my state, my country, and the world. Every election matters – from our local county commissioner to state representative and senator to our US representatives, senators, and president.

There are 44 days to go. Let’s get started. My mail-in ballot arrived yesterday!

Justin with I voted sticker on next to Vote Here sign and US Flag
My first time voting in 2016

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