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Getting closer

When Justin Stofferahn asked me to introduce him at his Minnesota Senate District campaign kickoff, I was honored because I knew he would make an awesome candidate. Here is what I said when introducing Justin at his campaign kick-off:

Justin Stofferahn and Justin Smith smiling
Justin Stofferahn Campaign Kick-off (pre-COVID)

Two years ago, I showed up. I was trying to decide who I wanted to support for governor, so I went to one of the candidate forums, read a lot of candidate websites, and decided that Governor Walz was my guy. I connected with the campaign and found out that there was a family hosting a House Party in support of Tim Walz. That’s where I met Justin Stofferan.

Justin made sure I was included. I showed up at the caucus and raised my hand to be a delegate to the Senate District 38 nominating convention. Then I raised my hand again to be a delegate to the state convention. All the way through, Justin, was there to help out, explain what was happening, and just be a friend. This is a very cool thing when you’re a 19-year old, to have this cool guy, just being so nice and making me feel like I belonged.

He is kind, caring and the best person for the job. These were things that I liked about Justin even before he decided to run for office and what I’ll love about him when he’s my State Senator.  Justin has always taken the time to listen and find out about the issues that are important to me and my family – from health care to services for people with disabilities.

My introduction of Justin Stofferahn, Campaign Kick-off, February 2020
Ami Wazlawik and Justin Smith smiling
Justin with Representative Ami Wazlawik, 2018 door-knocking

Same with my current State Representative Ami Wazlawik. She always takes the time to listen and cares deeply about issues that are important to me and my community. My county commissioner Nicole Frethem also advocates for affordable housing and I’m able to connect with her on making sure that it’s also accessible.

The thing about local politics, is that it’s easy to connect with your state representative, state senator, and other local elected officials, and they make a ton of decisions at the state and local level that directly impact our lives. Reach out and get to know them, let them know what matters to you, and see if they truly listen to you. Look at their stances on different issues and look for compassion. Then, go vote! The election is closer – 2 weeks away!

Hey, check out my letter to the editor of the White Bear Press in support of Justin Stofferahn for Senate District 38 (it’s the first one on the list this week!). Remember how I said, there are lots of ways to participate in elections? Writing letters to the editor, is one of those ways!

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