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Another Sunday

Remember the three issues that I care about: disability rights, health care and Medicaid. I know that they are divisive issues in politics and they should not be. I want to be straight with you with what’s at stake in this election for me. You’ve heard me say it before, Medicaid services for people with disabilities and health care for all are on the line. What is terrifying to me is imagining another four years of our current president, Republican-controlled US Senate, and Republican-controlled Minnesota State Senate. I don’t think the Republicans have what it takes to be the party of improving health care or improving disability rights. Those are the issues that matter most to me and impact who I support and vote for.

I try to keep politics to the bare minimum as to not alienate people on my blogposts, but we, as in people with disabilities, mostly depend on services like social security and Medicaid. Who we elect matters. What happens after we elect someone really matters.

Thank you and vote.

Other stuff from my week

Perfect week in Minnesota to volunteer for the lit drop for my State Representative Ami Wazlawik. Got a letter submitted in to our local paper in support of who I hope will be my next State Senator Justin Stofferahn. My parents got their ballots dropped off. And, I went with my parents and grandma to Oktoberfest at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter yesterday – my first live music since February! Prost!

Did you check out my Definitely Vote video?

Please share with others! Definitely VOTE!

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