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Hot, steamy days

Hello, everyone. I’ve been quiet lately. So let’s do some updates about all things Justin-related.

Still at it

In the last post, I said that I was taking a break from the essay book to work on another story idea I felt compelled to work on. Am currently spending the very hot Minnesota days working on a creepy book that I am having a fun time writing. Not sharing details with you wonderful people at this time, but I should be reaching 7k words today. Now, how many of those words are going to stay in there? Who knows?

Melting at Pottery Festival

About that heat, we’re having a hotter than normal summer in Minnesota with record-breaking temps in the 90s and humid. You may remember that I don’t do well in hot and humid, so even though I’m vaccinated, I haven’t really been getting out and about much this summer, except for a couple air-conditioned movies.

Yesterday, I went with my parents to the Minnesota Pottery Festival to see my cousin and her husband’s pottery. It was a little steamy for me, but awesome to see my cousin, her husband, and their adorable two kids, along with my aunt and uncle. My parents added to their pottery collection and be sure to check out Katie and Andrew’s work at Webster Pottery. They’re brilliant!

Stay cool!

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