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2021: My Top Five

Welcome to the annual top five post. Today is December 31, 2021. Let’s delve into the things I liked about this year.

5 Writing Fiction

I am a fiction writer. I am currently drafting a horror story with characters who have some negative views about humanity that I don’t share. And I am having fun with that part.

4 Concert at First Ave

In the fall, I went to see Julien Baker for my first indoor concert since COVID hit. Love that First Ave requires vaccines or tests. Made me feel a little safer. Read my October post about this here: What have I been up to?

3 From Texas

I did two posts all about accessibility in Austin this month. It was a fun trip. It was nice to get away from the cold Minnesotan weather and take a break from writing this serious book. Here are my Austin trip posts: The Trip and Austin Trip: Music, Fun & Accessibility.

2 Reading

Of course, reading and writing comes hand and hand. I will start reviewing more middle grade, young adult or adult books, within any genre (sci-fi, romance, fantasy, etc.) with disability representation in the new year. I want to do more to shout out these books. I did one earlier this year, The Year of the Buttered Cat by Lexi and Susan Haas. Check it out: Book Review: the year of the buttered cat

1 You

Thank you for another year, readers. Have a happy new year. Make it weird!

Justin laughing, sitting in wheelchair with communication device, wall mural of cartoon figures of man and woman inspired by Gary Larson

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