First Avenue crowd on main floor
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What have I been up to?

Let’s get you caught up with everything in my life (that I choose to share with you)

“Draw a hardline”

I went to a Julien Baker concert at First Avenue if you saw the pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Everything worked smoothly as far as showing our vaccine photos on our phone to online tickets as we waited in line. For accessible seating, you do need to contact First Avenue ahead of time to request. They had reserved seating for us right behind the sound board. It felt a little safer being in a crowded venue since we weren’t penned in by people. There was space in front of us. It’s a great spot overlooking all the people on the main floor and people standing behind us were wearing masks for the most part. Check out the pictures from the concert. It was an awesome show! Especially loved hearing Hardline live!

Next up? I just got tickets to the Current’s Anniversary party in January. And I’m going to see Imagine Dragons in February! Their music is what’s gotten me through some of the more painful, traumatic times in my life. Can’t decide what I am more excited for!

Apartment Quest update

I may be able to tour a wheelchair accessible apartment in December in a new complex in Roseville. The floor plan isn’t ideal as the wheelchair accessible bathroom with roll-in shower isn’t connected to the bedroom. This means transferring to a specialized toilet chair from my bed in the morning, rolling through the living room and kitchen to get to the bathroom, and after taking a shower, dripping my way back through the common living space to transfer back to the bed to get dressed. Not terribly convenient.

This is the first apartment in 6 months of trying to find an apartment that looks as if it could potentially work, though. So, am planning to apply, have a tour, and see what happens.

I also sent letters yesterday to a couple county commissioners I know, my state representative and a state senator that works hard on issues impacting people with disabilities. It shouldn’t be this hard to find an affordable, accessible apartment. There should be requirements on adding more wheelchair accessible apartments with roll-in showers and designs that are more usable/livable, especially if public funding is involved.

Justin at computer


22k words and going. I love writing this horror sci-fi book (more like a medical thriller in a fantasy setting). I am about a quarter of the way done.

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2 thoughts on “What have I been up to?”

  1. I agree completely that accessible housing should be much easier to find. I first heard of “universal design” sometime in the nineties. It was proposed at that time that all new construction from a relatively short time following the publication date of the article be required to follow general universal design—residential houses, apartments, office buildings, retail stores, etc., etc., etc. The proposal would allow for construction already underway to continue, of course, with the proviso that any suitable adaptations be implemented ASAP. Exhisting structures should be modified as much as possible in a timely fashion also. Would make so much sense for everybody!
    So glad you got to be at such a great music venue! Happy mesic to you, Justin!


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